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Recent articles:
Dvir Raviv, Scott Stripling, and Yoav Farhi: A Hiding Complex from the Two Jewish Revolts against the Romans at Khirbet el-Maqatir
Boyd Seevers: A Village from the Israelite Settlement: The Iron Age Remains at Khirbet el-Maqatir
David E. Graves: Pilate's Ring and Roman Religion
Douglas Petrovich: Determining the Precise Length of the Israelite Sojourn in Egypt
Craig A. Evans and Scott Stripling: Two Pseudo-Text Incantation Bowls from the University of Pikeville
Katherine A. Streckert and Boyd Seevers: A Unique Early Roman Inkwell from Ancient Shiloh
Frankie Snyder: Watch Where You Walk: A Study of Crusader-Era Opus Sectile Floors in Churches in the Jerusalem Area
Book Reviews
Boyd Seevers and Victoria Dennis: Slinging in the Biblical World: And What We Can Learn about David Defeating Goliath
Frankie Snyder: A Matrix of Potsherds: An Indicator of Prefabricated Opus Sectile Panels from the Byzantine Period 
Boyd Seevers and Arianna Winslow: Iron Age I Israelite Looms: An Archaeological and Experiential Study
David E. Graves: What is the Madder with Lydia's Purple? A Reexamination of the Purpurarii in Thyatira and Philippi
Boyd Seevers: An Iron Age II Horse's Head from Ras et-Tahune

Reut Livyatan-ben-Arie and Hananya Hizmi: The Excavations at the Northern Platform of Tel Shiloh for the 2012–2013 Seasons.  Translated by Hillel Richman. Edited by D. Scott Stripling and David E. Graves

Boyd Seevers and Rachael  Korhonen: Seals in Ancient Israel and the Near East: Their Manufacture, Use, and Apparent Paradox of Pagan Symbolism
David Graves: Sodom and Salt in Their Ancient Near Eastern Cultural Context
Boyd Seevers and Abigail Leavitt: A Headless Judean Pillar Figurine from Tell el-Ful
Brian Peterson: The Kh. el-Maqatir Ram's Head: Evidence of the Israelite Destruction of Ai?