Society Meeting Minutes

Every year during the NEAS annual meeting the Board of Directors meet and an Annual Members meeting is held.  Below are the minutes from the last meeting and some previous years.
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes                  Members Meeting Minutes
2015 Meeting Minutes                                                                         2015 Meeting Minutes
2014 Meeting Minutes                                                                         2014 Meeting Minutes
2013 Meeting Minutes                                                                         2013 Meeting Minutes
2012 Meeting Minutes                                                                         2012 Meeting Minutes
2011 Meeting Minutes                                                                         2011 Meeting Minutes
2010 Meeting Minutes                                                                         2010 Meeting Minutes
2009 Meeting Minutes                                                                         2009 Meeting Minutes
2008 Meeting Minutes                                                                         2008 Meeting Minutes
2007 Meeting Minutes                                                                         2007 Meeting Minutes
2006 Meeting Minutes                                                                         2006 Meeting Minutes